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public art

Love Locks
Tempe Fire Station #2, finalist
Love Locks 2
Chaos ReStored
Chaos Re_stored_
Chaos ReStored
OKC Tennis Center, finalist
Emerson Elementary Facade
Emerson Elementary gates
Fire Station 603 Scottsdale, Terrasso floor design, finalist
SLC Utah, Dept of Archives, finalist
InFlux Cycle 7 Scottsdale _Ellipses_
InFlux Cycle 7, Scottsdale, AZ,  Ellipses panel 1
InFlux Cycle 7, Scottsdale, AZ,  Ellipses panel 2
InFlux Cycle 7, Scottsdale, AZ,  Ellipses panel 3
Jewel of the Creek trailhead
Jewel of the Creek map
Geometric Sculpture
Caroline Bartol Preserve
Utah DEQ, finalist
CubeSmart public art
CubeSmart public art detail
Utah DAC, finalist
Willo Historic District IDs

My approach to all projects begins with an assessment of the request and the vision for the project while considering the environment of the final installation. Conceiving, in collaboration, which materials will enhance the space, work well within the setting, simultaneously applying form and style that complements and adds a distinctive and memorable component to its surroundings. I have found this process to be reliable, no matter the scale of the project.  


I embrace public art projects that represent an organization and reflects a theme that is common to their location and purpose.  A piece of art, while important for its obvious aesthetic appeal, can also have profound symbolic value. Nature provides me with the richest inspiration of all and my goal is to create spaces that enhance the built environment, invite personal interaction, and reveal the unspoken relationships between nature and humanity.


My material of choice for exterior installations is metal, steel specifically, as it vigorously sustains itself within the environment. Steel requires little or no maintenance, as it can be left to oxidize and develop a unique patina over time. There are also multiple options to protect the steel to preserve its finish and make it even more vandal resistant. In addition, adding lighting, water features and other metals; stainless, copper, etc. and/or fused glass, are all materials I have utilized in my sculptural works. Combining complementary materials and other elements, within the design offers multiple levels and dimensions for the perceiver. I am conscious of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design as well as ensuring equal enjoyment to all who encounter my artwork.


Through both my public and private art commissions I have acquired familiarity and understanding of art projects of diverse characteristics and am able to communicate public priorities and vision. All of my completed installations have involved working collectively and I adhere to an integrated approach to art planning which emphasizes active collaborations and partnerships with design teams, landscape architects, architects, engineers and the community as a whole. All of my projects are site specific custom commissions where the vision of the project generates the execution specifically for its conceptual and intended purpose. My pieces are designed, fabricated and installed for their specific environments and all projects have been built on schedule, within budget and always with high durability, low maintenance, and sustainability in mind.  As a seasoned professional, I can work seamlessly with all stakeholders and design teams to create a fresh perspective to a site while still connecting it to the whole and the concept of the project. As a skilled craftsperson with an ingrained sense of artistry, I observe a self-prescribed mandate to create excellent, extraordinary work that stands the test of time, tangibly and artistically.

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