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Light Art


firestick barrier
Veterans torch and cauldron
Kiala's cross
Deco fire screen
Congress Avenue Bridge
Agave Bloom w Owl
Elipses 2
Elipses 1
Window to the World
Visual Barrier
Visual Barrier
Pot Rack
steel and stone #1
fireplace veneer with Treeptych
Mabel Lake wall hanging
Agave triptych
perfed awnings
ocotillo sliding door
arches (in production)
Bells and Stand
fire pit
hot rolled sheathing
privacy barrier
entrance structure
Marisol FCU dedicaton
barrier with panels and vignettes
agave triptych
agave fire pit
fireplace decor
willo & root sign
fire screen
National Championships
Vernon Central
Soleri Bell hanger
heavy metal wind chime
ocotillo, garden mother
radius wall art
outdoor shower privacy panel
cabinet door insert
Magnetic Treeptych
hot rolled wall
sliding doors
sliding doors detail
fire pit cover
shade structure
shade structure
shade structure
visual barriers
service panel cabinet
grape vine lattice
freestanding lattice
shade structure
shade sail structure
fire place veneer
porch cover
visual barrier
stair railing
porch cover
shade structure
garden totem
window awning
visual barrier
floor sconce
bathroom vanity
Orbiter, Mantis
Bird of Prey, Mantis, Orbiter
visual barrier
visual barrier
steel & fused glass ocotillo 2
steel & fused glass ocotillo
MCM wall sculpture2
MCM wall sculpture
funky railing
address plaque
Ritoch Powell sign
Sputnik sign
Archwood Financial
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